Planning for Retirement – Simple but Hard with Jeff Wilcox from LPL Financial

Planning for Retirement - Simple but Hard with Jeff Wilcox from LPL Financial


January 09, 2021    
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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Friend of the group, Jeff Wilcox, will lend us his professional expertise to help us plan for the future like for retirement. Be sure to bring your questions and be prepared to be informed. Jeff works as a Financial Advisor for LPL Financial in Temperance.

As a Financial Advisor Jeff’s passion is to serve others through an understanding of what is important to them, helping them build customized strategies for their financial goals and partnering together to keep them on track. Becoming a Financial Advisor in 2016 builds on his professional training, skill set and 31 years of educational leadership roles as a Principal or Superintendent of 5 schools throughout the Midwest.

Jeff has found that his Strategic Planning experience, Problem-Solving Ingenuity and People Skills serve him well when helping individuals and businesses plan their financial futures. With this background, his primary goal is educating his clients enabling them to make wise decisions that are in their best interest and brings them true value.
Additionally, Jeff and his wife have owned a real estate company, Superior Properties USA, for the past 22 years. Superior Properties USA has rental homes and apartments in Ohio and Indiana.

Jeff and his wife, Kathy have been married since 1981. They are blessed with 7 children. They have 4 grandchildren. Over the past 38 years, they have lived throughout the Midwest. Jeff is a board member of 2 educational organizations and he is a member of two real estate organizations. He also serves as an educational and leadership consultant for the Maker Learning Network in Santa Clarita, CA. Jeff is a former college soccer player. Nowadays he serves as an assistant coach for his son’s varsity soccer team. Jeff enjoys reading and fishing as relaxing pastimes. Kathy is a special ed teacher at Rogers High School in Toledo. Both Jeff and Kathy are actively involved in their church.

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