The Ethics of Star Trek

The Ethics of Star Trek


November 14, 2020    
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm


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The TV and movie franchise Star Trek is rooted in Humanist ethics because the creator Gene Roddenberry instilled his show with a positive, humanist vision of humanity’s future based on rationality, science, and human-improvability.

James Croft, Leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, will present a talk about the Ethics of Star Trek.

From James’ biography on the Ethical Society of St. Louis website:

James never stops talking, so it’s lucky that his job requires a lot of it! As Leader for the Society, James is a public face for the community, ensuring that Ethical Humanist values are represented at rallies and protests, in schools and universities, and in the media. James believes that our culture desperately needs a Humanist moral voice, and he’s determined to provide one. You can often find James yelling through a megaphone or posting on Facebook. He loves Star Trek way too much, and tries to find a way to work a Star Trek reference into every Platform Address.

James will be joining us remotely.  Registration is needed in order to be sent the join meeting link. After registration there is an opportunity to also join the meeting by telephone for those not able to do so from a computer or smartphone. 

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