Secular Occasions


In 2015; within weeks of each other, Shawn Meagley experienced the deaths of two very important people in her life.  Seeking guidance and consolation, she became very aware of the lack of services available to Humanists where typical religious clergy would be present. These and other personal experiences became the catalysts for what would later become Secular Occasions.

In 2018, Shawn was endorsed as a Humanist Celebrant by the Humanist Society. As such, she fully embraces her responsibilities as a member of the clergy of the Humanist Society providing leadership, moral guidance, rites of passage, and life celebration services to humanists and others who seek these services.

Shawn will provide meaning and solemnity to life celebrations, gatherings, and communities from a secular perspective. She is committed to helping humanists through the most important times in life including birth, love, loss, morality, and mortality.   Each celebration or ceremony is personalized to be meaningful and professional with a humanist approach.

Shawn is available to provide the following services in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan:

  • Weddings
  • Memorials
  • Transgender Transitions
  • Welcomings
  • Invocations
  • Hospital Visits
  • Hospice
  • Visits with Incarcerated Persons

If you have an idea for a celebration or event not listed, please present your idea by using the contact form below. Creating new traditions is an exciting way to celebrate Humanism.

If you would like more information about scheduling a celebration or ceremony, please complete the contact form below.

*For inquiries of a more immediate nature, i.e., memorials/funerals, hospital or hospice visit, please contact Shawn at 419.266.7945.