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December 2023

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Rep. Derek Merrin – son of a well known anti-LGBTQ pastor from Monclova Township. Seems
to have not fallen far from that tree.
Rep. Josh Williams introduced an anti-drag bill and is seen as Merrin’s right hand man.

Rep. Gary Click is a pastor of a Baptist church in Fremont. Introduced bill to ban gender
affirming care. Also supports conversion therapy and claims to have

SHoWLE President Doug Berger sent emails to the NW Ohio members who signed on to the letter (he sent these as a private person and not on behalf of SHoWLE. Here is the text he sent to all six of them:

I read in the media and read the letter you signed on to, that says you plan to do all you can to subvert the will of the voters who passed State Issue 1 on November 7th by 57%. You are an elected official who took an oath to defend the state constitution. If the outcome of the state issue 1 vote is too much for you that you want to subvert the will of the voters then you should resign your office.

He only got a response from Rep. Williams’ office:

Rep. Williams is a proud pro-life advocate, but he does respect the results of the Issue 1 election and will not act to repeal it or remove it from the court’s jurisdiction. The letter does not anywhere state that those who sign the letter intend to overturn Issue 1, certainly Rep. Williams does not at all have that intention. Thank you for reaching out, I am glad to be able to provide some clarification on this issue.

Here is the video we watched during the meeting. The Q & A starts approx, at the 44 minute mark