New Membership Level Added

During our members meeting, I was asked about a Student rate for membership. I said at the time we didn’t have a formal student level but we would never turn away a potential member who couldn’t afford the current full membership dues.

Today I announce we now have a Student/Fixed Income membership level. On the Join page, scroll down for the link then when you get taken to the sign-up page one of the levels available at the bottom is for Students and those on fixed incomes.

People won’t need to ask for the special rate and will be able to select it when they sign up.

The change needs to be confirmed by the Board so assume that level has all the same benefits of the full price. If the lower amount is still too much we also accept volunteer time and donations in-kind (like sharing a skill or donating an item you aren’t using).

— Doug

President of SHoWLE

2023 Members Meeting

Image listing time and state of members meeting october 15 at 7 PM
Virtual Event Virtual Event

October 15 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Members join us for our 2023 members meeting. This your opportunity to guide the direction of the group by running for the Board of Directors and learning about what the group did in the past year. Doug will also outline what is planned for the coming year. You can also ask questions and express any concerns you have about the group.

Nominations are still open to serve on the Board but you must be on the members meeting call to run unless you let Doug know before the meeting. You send email, call or text 5672152694